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With edges of low power & low profile, we builds a universal-application but micro-scale dynamo that drives micro blowers as cooling modules in many gadgets, like mask ventilators, dental 3D scanners, and breathalyzer.

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With rich experience and knowledge, we can integrate all stages of product development from design to assembly, covering MCU coding, LCD design, product appearance, internal structure, mold opening...

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Low latency 5G 4G cameras can be helpful to the Police, Firefighters, Ambulances, Investigators and any users who want to transmit and record live streaming to a command center or another party. Through RTSP or ONVIF, the command center can use their VMS like Milestone, VLC to view live videos.

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We fix your RF/WiFi problems for projects. We do customization on project base !!!

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Our vision is providing our customers with pioneer and stable solutions. ETouch solution ensures operation in high-use environments. Embedded system submits rugged, quality and high performance DVR solution.

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YNG WEI CO., LTD is a well-experienced Headphone & Earphone Accessories Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in Headband, Ear pad, Pouches, OEM/ODM Headband, Microphone Windshield etc.products.

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