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2018 Most Detailed Novice Learning Makeup Steps(Step-by-Step) More News >>
How to learn makeup yourself, 2018 step by step church makeup tips
Speaking of makeup, many girls want to try it, but they feel that it is difficult and troublesome to learn makeup, so they are put on hold indefinitely.
step-by-step to learn makeup
Tools/raw materials
Foundation (BB cream or liquid foundation), concealer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder, lip gloss or lipstick, various makeup brushes
Makeup steps
First of all, let's learn the makeup steps first. Only by clarifying the order can we achieve the best results.
The general makeup steps are:
Cleansing lotion lotion isolation (this four steps for makeup before skin care) BB cream (liquid foundation) concealer loose powder thrush eye shadow eyeliner mascara (false eyelashes) blush lip
What cosmetics do you need to learn makeup?
1. basic skin care (washing lotion, lotion, lotion, isolation, etc.. A good foundation is easier to apply.)
2. foundation (BB cream or liquid foundation)
3. loose powder (if you compare oil, it is best to have one, you can set the makeup to make the makeup last longer)
4. concealer (if dark circles, pock marks are more obvious, you can consider one, used in the local)
5. blush (can make the skin more rosy)
6. mascara (curllash eyelashes, and ultimately)
cosmetics you need to learn makeup
7. eyeliner, eyeliner pen, eyeliner (three choices can be, novices recommend eyeliner)
8. eye shadow (recommended to use the earth color, choose a different color with your own)
9. eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder (painted with eyebrows, it is recommended to use brown, silver gray, black)
10. lip gloss or lipstick (lips are colored, lipstick is no color, choose your own)
11. a variety of makeup brushes (makeup brush can help us create a more refined makeup, makeup essentials.)
12. remover makeup (this is a must, choose different makeup remover products according to needs)
Others, such as the repair of the highlights, are based on the makeup you want to create. In general, these are enough!
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