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NEPCON Thailand 2019
2019/6/19 - 2019/6/22

� PWB (Printed Wiring Boards) � SMT Machine, PWBs/PCBs, Rigid PCBs, Multi-layered PCBs, Semiconductor Packaging PCBs, EPD (Embeded Passive Devices), PCB Materials, Shield Board, Copper Foil, Insulating Material � IC Packaging � Assembly Equipment ...
2019/6/19 - 2019/6/22

Robotic: 6 Axis/ Dual Arm/ SCARA/ Gantry/ Linear/ Automatic Guide Vehicles (AGV)/ Automanage Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) Component Parts: Gear/ Motor/ Bearing/ Drive/ PLC/ Controller/ Inverter/ Sensor Equipment: Welding & Component/ Gripper/ Suc ...
2019/6/18 - 2019/6/20

Maritime, Shipbuilding, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Naval Defense Technologies, Equipment, and Supplies
2019 China(Guangzhou) Int'l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing and Setting Equipment 2.Tube &Pipe Industry 3.Stainless Steel Industry 4.Casting Products 5.Die casting, Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace 6.Fasteners, Spring ...
20th China(Guangzhou) Int'l Platemetal, Bar, Wire, Metal Processing &Setting Equipment Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1.Steel smelting skill and technology, aluminum, copper manufacturer, stainless steel manufacturer. 2.Plate (color steel plate ,galvanization plate, coat plate, sheet metal , medium thickness plate, shape sheet metal ,railing-prote ...
20th Chia(Guangzhou) Int'l Sheetmetal machinery, Forging, Stamping and Setting Equipment Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1. Various sheet metal parts、 forging、punching、end cover manufacturers . 2. Plate shearing machine 、folding machine、flange machine、pipe bender、beveller、iron crafts machine etc ...
The 20th China (Guangzhou) Int'l Stainless Steel Industry Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1、 Display of large-scale stainless steel enterprises. 2、 Arts and crafts/technology and equipments of stainless steel production. 3、 Raw materials of stainless steel/section (plate metal/coiled materials/tubi ...
THE 20th China(Guangzhou) Int'l Spring Industry Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1. All kinds of bearing spring, roll bar, valve spring, motorcycle damping spring, pressure spring, draught spring, torsion spring, die spring, special shaped spring, rectangular spring, cylinder spring, craft spring, battery spring ...
The 20th China(Guangzhou) Int'l Tube & Pipe Industry Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1. Steel pipe products: seamless tube of special steel, stainless steel and carbon steel, welded pipe, hot rolling and cold drawing tube: ( structure steel tube, low medium voltage boiler, high pressure boiler tube, high pressure pi ...
The 20th China(Guangzhou) International Fastener & Equipment Exhibition
2019/6/13 - 2019/6/15

Exhibiting Scope 1. Fasteners, parts and products for linking: bolt/nut/ screw/rivet/column bolt/gasket/assembly unit/coupling and the related products 2. Fastener production equipment (forming machine, cold mound machine, end cutting machine, hea ...
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