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Taiwan Hardware Show 2019 (THS 2019)
2019/10/17 - 2019/10/19

工具暨配件 Tools & Accessories 緊固件暨扣件 Fastener & Fitting 園藝暨戶外休閒用品 Garden & Outdoor Equipment 汽車修護用品暨車用配件 Automotive Supplies 建材暨居家修繕 Building Supplies 鎖 Lock & Fittings 安全防護 Safety Products 五金機械暨廠房設備 Machines & Plant Equipment
METALEX Vietnam 2019
2019/10/10 - 2019/10/12

Machine Tools and Machining Centers, EDM Machine, Sheet Metalworking, Welding Technology, Factory Automation, Pump & Valve, Material Handling, Mould & Die, Foundry, Wire, Tube, Cable Technology, Metrology/ Control Measurement, Tools and Tooling, Surf ...
ROBOT X @METALEX Vietnam 2019
2019/10/10 - 2019/10/12

Robotic •6 Axis •Dual Arm •SCARA •Gantry •Linear •Automatic Guide Vehicles (AGV) •Automanage Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) Component Parts •Gear •Motor •Bearing •Drive •PLC •Controller •Inverter •Sensor Equipment •Welding & Com ...
The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Internet and E-commerce Expo (CIE2019)
2019/10/10 - 2019/10/12

1. Cross-border e-commerce: platforms, sellers, and service providers; 2. Import and export cross-border e-commerce products B2B matchmaking area: exported manufacturers such as baby & pregnant care, cosmetic & beauty, luxury & jewelry, healthy food ...
NEPCON Vietnam 2019
2019/9/11 - 2019/9/13

Surface Mount Technology and Equipment : Loader, Un-loader & Conveyor, Dispensing Machine (Dispenser), Screen Printing Machine (Printer), Auto Insertion Machine (AI), Surface Mount, Surface Mount Machine Reflow Oven, Wave Solder Machine, In Circuit T ...
2019/8/28 - 2019/8/30

Material Handling- Cranes, Fork-Lift Trucks and Accessories, Handling System & Overhead Conveyors, Industrial Vehicles and Accessories, Lifting Equipment, Sorting, Special Equipped Vehicles, Truck & Truck Body. Packaging- Chain, Labeling, Measuring ...
2019/8/23 - 2019/8/25

Fishery aquatic products, Fresh products, Frozen products, Dry goods, Deep processing aquatic products , Aquatic crafts, etc. Aquaculture technology and equipment, Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Offshore fishing tools and equipment, Ocean transportation and ...
11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2019 (PV Guangzhou 2019)
2019/8/16 - 2018/8/18

Raw Material PV Panel/Cell/Module Inverter/Controller/Storage Battery PV Bracket/Accessories Production Equipment PV Application/Solar lighting Others
ROBOT X @Vietnam Manufacturing Expo
2019/8/14 - 2019/8/16

Robotic �6 Axis �Dual Arm �SCARA �Gantry �Linear �Automatic Guide Vehicles (AGV) �Automanage Intelligent Vehicles (AIV) Component Parts �Gear �Motor �Bearing �Drive �PLC �Controller �Inverter �Sensor Equipment �Welding & Com ...
Vietnam Sheet Metal 2019
2019/8/14 - 2019/8/16

Sheet Metal Shearing Machines. Sheet Metal Cutting Machines : Water Jet, Plasma, Gas, Laser. Sheet Metal Punch Press. Sheet Metal Bending Machine. Raw Sheet Metal for fabrication & production. Sheet Metal Accessories.
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