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inter airport Southeast Asia (IASEA)
2025/3/25 - 2025/3/27

TERMINAL segment: the show offers solutions and equipment for the construction and operation of terminal buildings, the architectural design, equipment and planning stage of the airport. DATA segment: covers airport IT systems, data management sol ...
2024/8/15 - 2024/8/17

• MATERIAL HANDLING: Automated Guided Vehicle, Cranes, Forklift Trucks and Accessories, Handling System & Overhead Conveyors, Lifting Equipment • PACKING: Labeling, Measuring Technology, Packaging and Order-picking, Scales and Dispensing Equipment ...
2024 World Battery And Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE)
2024/8/8 - 2024/8/10

Exhibition Scope Various kinds of batteries Combined batteries for cellphones, interphones, cordless telephone, laptops, digital cameras, portable DVD, emergency lights, electric toys, UPS, railway locomotives and passenger cars, ships, etc. P ...
PCE2024 Shanghai International Personal Care Expo
2024/8/7 - 2024/8/9

Cleaning supplies Sanitary care products Maternal and child care supplies Sterilizing  protective supplies Beauty, healthy, personal care appliance OEM/ODM Personal care products franchise and other related products
CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2024
2024/6/19 - 2024/6/21

Climate Action​ - Clean Energy, Decarbonisation, Renewables Resource Circularity​ - Waste Management, Resource Recovery Public Hygiene​ - Cleaning Solutions and Pest Management for Public Health
LET-a CeMAT ASIA Event 2024
2024/5/29 - 2024/5/31

Logistics System Integration and Solutions; Informatization of Logistics and IOT; Warehouse Technology and Workshop Equipment; Mechanical Handling Equipment and Accessories; Logistics Robotics , AGV and Accessories; Conveying and Sorting Equipment; P ...
International Fastener Show China
2024/5/22 - 2024/5/24

Hall 1 Machinery, Fastener materials, Moulds and consumption goods Fastener manufacturing machinery Auxiliary equipment Inspection equipment / Measuring devices Installation / Measurement and maintenance Moulds / Consumption goods Fastener tech ...
2024 China (Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Industry Exhibition
2024/5/11 - 2024/5/13

Exhibiting Scope 1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing and Setting Equipment 2.Tube &Pipe Industry 3.Stainless Steel Industry 4.Die casting, Casting Products,Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace 5.Springs, Fasteners & ...
2024/5/11 - 2024/5/13

All kinds of bearing spring, roll bar, valve spring, motorcycle damping spring, pressure spring, draught spring, torsion spring, die spring, special shaped spring, rectangular spring, cylinder spring, craft spring, battery spring, volute spiral, flat ...
2024 China(Guangzhou) laser equipment and sheet metal industry exhibition
2024/5/11 - 2024/5/13

Exhibiting Scope 1.Laser equipment: laser processing machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser punching machine, laseranti-counterfeiting spray code machine, laser application equipm ...
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