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Gathering the Largest No. of Exhibitors, ISOT 2011 will be Held as it is Scheduled!- 2011/5/30
Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. organises 22nd INTERNATIONAL STATIONERY & OFFICE PRODUCTS FAIR TOKYO (ISOT 2011) (Concurrent shows: 3rd PROMOTIONAL GOODS EXPO, 3rd International Office Furniture Expo, GIFTEX World 2011) from July 6[Wed]-8[Fri], 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight as scheduled. Even though the Show Management office has received numbers of inquiries from industry professionals who are apprehensive about holding the show, exhibitors & buyers from damaged area have been aspiring to hold ISOT 2011.

Immediately after the earthquake on March 11 [Fri], ISOT Show Management Office officially announced to hold ISOT 2011 because they thought holding ISOT will enhance and circulate business, and it will be great contributions for affected area and Japanese economy to overcome this situation. Show Management forecasts 1,850 exhibitors and 75,000 buyers in ISOT 2011. Also, they
expects 300 companies from 30 countries all over the world. Therefore, ISOT Show Management is certain that ISOT 2011 will be a great success. (All numbers include concurrent shows)


However, it is true that Show Management has received inquiries of anxieties from overseas companies. They are worried to travel to Tokyo. Show Management has been working very hard to reduce their anxieties by doing through research on each concern and updated official statement on their official HP. Also, Show Management adds that many overseas companies decide to exhibit even after the earthquake.
Please refer to citations from the official statement.

Q. How big is the impact of earthquake on Tokyo?
A. Tokyo is located over 300 km away from the center of the quake, and the damage here was minimal. Even though time tables of railways and other public transportations were not on schedule for 2 ?3days, they have been back to normal now.

Q. What are the influences on Tokyo caused by Fukushima Nuclear Plants?
A. According to the official statement by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the radiation level measured in Tokyo is much lower than what one gets from activities such as a return air trip from Tokyo to New York (0.2 milli sieverts/round trip) or a stomach x-ray (0.6 milli sieverts/examination). In addition, WHO and Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government, radiation level found in drinking water has been staying very low so that there is no problem to drink water.

Kyodo News reported on April 14 [Thur], 2011, the radiation level in Tokyo stays 0.079 micro sieverts/hour and this level is much lower than other metropolitan cities all over the world. For example, 1.77 times more radiation level in Hong Kong and 40 times more radiation level in India have been measured. Comparing to those two cities, it is clear that Tokyo is quite safe. (Cited from Kyodo News, April 14 [Thur], 2011, English Version)

Q. Don other countries?governments ban to travel to Japan?
A. The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) states on their press release that there is no problem to travel to Japan. (Source from :Press Release, IATA, March 12 [Sat], 2011, English Version)

In fact, since the situation of Fukushima Nuclear Plants have been stable, the governments of Korea, U.K., U.S.A., France, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Australia, and the Netherlands released and/or relaxed the travel restrictions.

In addition, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton visited Japan on April 17 [Sun], 2011and met Japan Prime Minister Kan Naoto. here is no problem visiting Japan other than the area close to the Fukushima Nuclear Plants. We encourage Americans to visit Japan for business and other purposes,?Clinton said.

Based on these facts, it is clear that Tokyo is SAFE.

You can check Show Management official statements here! (English Only)

OFFICE WORLD Hit the Amazing Record - 48% More Visitors!
Following the Success, ISOT 2011 will be Grandly Held!

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. held OFFICE WORLD from May 11 [Wed] ?13 [Fri], 2011 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. OFFICE WORLD is a Japan only trade show targeting General Affairs Dept. which offers products and services to handle internal problems in their office. OFFICE WORLD consists of 4 different exhibitions: OFFICE SECURITY EXPO, ECOLOGICAL OFFICE/FACTORY EXPO, OFFICE DISASTER PREVENTION EXPO and OFFICE SERVICE EXPO, the exhibition showcases various products and services at one time and plenty of office workers gather the show. OFFICE WORLD was concurrently held with ISOT until last year.

However, the show date moved to May since all shows have been rapidly growing and the venue was fully booked. This edition was its first year to be held by itself. Even though some exhibitors and visitors could not hide their anxieties, they turned into great surprises. During the 3 day show, amazing scenes were witnessed. Whole show venue was packed with visitors who enthusiastically engaged in business meetings on site. As a result, OFFICE WORLD attracted 29,032 visitors which were 49% more than last year. In addition, it was noteworthy that all 6 exhibitors from damaged area actually exhibited. All of them were engaged in business meetings avidly and enthusiastically. Therefore, OFFICE WORLD concluded with massive success.

Following the great success of OFFICE WORLD, ISOT Show Management became more convinced that they can hold ISOT 2011 without any problems. Also, they promised to make the greatest efforts possible to organise a substantial exhibition. Show Management staffs renewed their beliefs that rade show?is absolutely imperative to overcome the difficulties Japan is going through.

(All numbers and figures include concurrent shows)

High Expectations Muster Whole Industry and ISOT 2011!

Show Management revealed that they have been receiving numbers of voices from buyers all over the world. They are all excited to visit ISOT 2011 to purchase products that enrich their stores. Here are the citations of voices from buyers.

More innovative PR methods and promotional goods are highly expected now. Therefore, we must visit the show to seek products which meet our needs.

Our mission is always the same. We must offer great products to increase sales. Therefore, we will visit ISOT.

Our shop was damaged by the earthquake, and we had to scrap most products. We want to increase our sales by purchasing attractive and great products at ISOT.

We are expecting ISOT 2011 to be held the same as always. We will visit the show, for sure.

< Kyobo Hottracks Co., Ltd., Stationery Shop, Korea>

It is clear that these buyers will enthusiastically engage in business meeting on site during ISOT 2011. ISOT Show Management confidently says that these voices will muster not only ISOT 2011 but also whole industry. In fact, the show will welcome the largest number of 1,850 exhibitors and 75,000 buyers from all over the world including concurrent shows. Hence, ISOT 2011 will be definitely one of the O NOT MISS?event in 2011!

Limited Exhibit Spaces! Hurry and Book your Space!

ISOT Show Management announced that they have been receiving numbers of applications from Japan and all over the world. However, exhibit space is limited at this moment, and they encourage manufacturers to book their exhibit spaces as soon as possible. If you are interested in exhibiting, contact Show Management immediately.

Request for exhibiting info and invitation tickets >>>

# # #

Inquiries to this press release, contact;
Chiharu Nishiura (Ms.),
International PR, ISOT Show Management, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
18F Shinjuku-Nomura Bldg., 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3349-8505 FAX: +81-3-3344-2400
URL: E-mail:

News Contact

Title : ISOT Show Management
Name : Yasu
Telephone : +81 3 3349 8505
Fax number : +81 3 3344 2411
E-mail :
Download :
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