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LET China 2017- 2016/8/26
China International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibition (Guangzhou) (LET China in short) is adapting to the developing trend of World Intelligent Logistics, helps to achieve the transition promotion of the manufacture, logistics and distribution in China and Asia-Pacific area. In order to reduce the logistics cost and promote the super-scaled trade exhibition platform of the enterprises?competition, we use the advanced logistics automated equipment and technology. We have already held 7 exhibitions which is the most professional and biggest one in Asia.
Date: May 24-26, 2017
Place: Area B, The China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou
Scale: 60,000 square metres
Host Unit: Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co. Ltd
Organizer: Guangzhou Best Exhibition Co. Ltd
Logistics Trade Association of Guangdong Logistics Equipment Committee
Guangzhou Economic and Trade Service Center
Exhibitors: 1,000
Audience: The targeted audiences will exceed 100,000 professional audiences
Theme: Intelligent production, high-efficient logistics
Meaning: To positively response implementation of national strategy of the establishment of One Belt One Road and participate the construction of 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. And to connect the marketing chain with the economic blocks like ASEAN, South Asia, West Asia, North Africa, Europe so as to promote the development of logistics and create global opportunity.
Aim: To provide the one-stop solution of warehousing logistics, production logistics, E-business logistics and supply chain for enterprises, reduce the cost of logistics and promote the profit of enterprises
Production Area:
1. Robot Area
2. Handling Equipment & Accessories Area
3. Intelligent Industry Production Logistics Area
4. Back-end Packaging Area
5. Automation & System Integration Area
6. Information & Internet Area
7. Transportation Vehicles Area
8. E-business Logistics Area
9. Fresh Logistics & Cold Chain Logistics Area
10. Logistics Peripheral Equipment Area
11. Port Shipping & Air Logistics Equipment Area
12. Logistics Service & Supply Chain Area
 Platform Advantage: LET China, the International brand exhibition established independently by Chinese enterprises, has been the only one that gain the approval and support from China Business Section.
 Marketing Advantage:
With the world economy to the south and east, China and Asia-Pacific had been the largest and hottest market in the world.
 Geographical Advantage:
As the Chinese political, trade & business, cultural center and the host place for more than 100 Canton Fair, Guangzhou has been famous all over the world. In addition, the traffic here is very convenient because it adjoins Hongkong, Macau, countries and areas of Asia. So, Guangzhou is the best exhibition host place in Asia-Pacific.
 Service Advantage:
The sponsor has precisely released more than 50,000 Logistic Equipment Newspaper every period, and the new media Logistic Equipment Online which provide service 365 days for enterprises. It helps you with your market expansion and brand package and to carry out the integrated marketing communication.

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Title : LET China 2017
Name : Zeng
Telephone : +86-020-89617099
Fax number : +86-020-89617161
E-mail :
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