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platform to enter the new market- 2016/3/6
The Bulgarian consumers are changing their habits and live a more healthy and active lifestyle. There is a growth in the purchase of traditional sporting goods, as well as various equipment for extreme sports and outdoor activities. Sofia won the authoritative title of 2018 European Capital of Sport. In the coming years considerable investments will be made in the construction of bike lanes, halls, swimming pools, stadiums, and outdoor fitness playgrounds. Due to the well-developed sport facilities and amenities, the country hosts numerous international sporting events. Bulgaria is one of the most famous European ski and golf destinations.
As one of the oldest countries in Europe, Bulgaria has a strong non-medical culture - herbalism, natural products, mineral and SPA procedures. Moreover, the customers are becoming more informed and are looking for eco-friendly and healthy products. The growing interest in organic and natural products creates favorable conditions for introducing leading international companies and stimulating the local production of organic raw materials like vegetables, fruits, rose and lavender oil as well as finished products like wine, cosmetics, food, etc.

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