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Taiwan Hardware Show to pave limitless opportunities for foreign companies to capture burgeoning markets- 2016/2/25
Strategically put together as Asia’s leading premium business platform for the hardware industry, the 16th Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) this year is poised to open greater entry windows for international market players to gain larger trade share in Taiwan and its corresponding export markets. With a track record of 15 successful staging, THS is recognized as the industry-awaited trade event that gathers the world’s top hardware manufacturers, inventors, distributors and suppliers to market their latest cutting-edge technologies and complete spectrum of high-grade products for multi-sector applications.

Prime Opportunity to Secure Greater Business in a Vital Market

As the world’s second largest exporting country for hand tools, Taiwan possesses stellar manufacturing capabilities, extensive material resources and the most advanced technologies to produce quality hardware needs for global markets. In 2014, the country’s hardware industry reached an output value of US$ 34 billion and is expected to increase further with high positive growth rate in the coming years. Mr. Gerd Keim, President of Kaigo Co., Ltd highlighted that, “Taiwan holds an integral role in the hardware business where its robust development heavily influences macro trends in the international producer market. This amplifies its position as a key contributor to the future growth of the hardware sector, generating valuable business and raising competitive standards amongst industry players.”

Currently, Taiwan is home to more than 2, 300 hand tools producers and about 70% of its hand tool manufacturers are concentrated in Taichung, the central Taiwan. This is a modest number and only represents a portion of the highly diverse market with various booming sub-segments that include Tools & Accessories, Locks & Fittings, Fasteners & Fittings, Building Supplies, Garden & Outdoor Equipment, Automotive Supplies & Accessories, Machines & Plant Equipment, and Safety Equipment & Products – all of which make up the 8 product categories that will be featured at THS 2016. Mr. Keim added that “Amidst rapid global manufacturing transformation towards greater sustainability and Taiwan’s leadership in pushing for quality excellence, a promising and fertile business landscape awaits foreign companies to join the market now. The Taiwan hardware pie is a large and open one for investors to penetrate, show their unique technological competence and grab the attention of high net-worth buyers and traders. In tandem, international players can look towards collaborating with local partners to forge better alignment and strategy in their outreach across and beyond Taiwan.”

The Must-Attend Event to Strengthen Your Market Presence and Industry Connection

Prescribed as the strategic marketing event for exhibiting companies to meet a targeted business audience that wish to experience Taiwan’s foremost one-stop sourcing and procurement platform, THS will attract smart buyers and industry specialists. With Taiwan’s vast industrial capacity and its position as a reputable hardware manufacturing hub for the region, participating exhibitors can seize bigger market share and rewarding profits via the country. For the 400 exclusive booth spaces available, international companies are highly welcomed to position their brands and products amongst Taiwan’s finest industry movers and alongside other top global manufacturers. Focused towards offering global-class innovations for the lucrative Taiwan market, companies exhibiting at THS will showcase high-tech machinery and their newest technologies that highlight multi-performance automation with unmatched quality required by the market.

Exhibiting companies will have unlimited and unrestricted opportunities to network directly with potential clients and business partners who genuinely seek the right products and technologies for their business development. With an estimated captive audience of more than 28,000 trade visitors, exhibitors can look forward to identifying the right partners for distributorship links and secure sales deals. By participating in a major trade exhibition that understands exhibitor’s marketing bottom lines like THS, exhibiting companies can bank on elevating their brand worth by impressing serious trade visitors who recognize the competitive edge and product quality of a dedicated industry player. THS will deliver a fruitful face-to-face business experience for companies to discuss product specifications, pricing and sales terms directly to high-investment buyers.

Scheduled for a 3-day staging from 12 to 14 October 2016 at the Greater Taichung International Expo Centre, THS will be augmented with concurrent seminars and industry conferences fronted by notable international industry experts and local trade authorities who will share deeper insights on Taiwan’s hardware industry development.

To enquire on booth space availability and for more information on the Taiwan Hardware Show 2016, please visit

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