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inter airport China - 2022/8/31 - 2022/9/2
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2022/8/31 - 2022/9/2
Opening hours:
  9:00AM - 5:00PM
  China International Exhibition Center
  Beijing, China
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  All areas of airport-related technology, equipment and services.
As part of the TERMINAL segment, the show offers solutions and equipment for the construction and operation of terminal buildings, the architectural design, equipment and planning stage of the airport.
The DATA area covers airport IT systems, data management solutions as well as connected systems and IT processes to handle passengers, operations as well as air traffic.
The RAMP segment covers ground handling, ground support equipment, runway construction and installations.
inter airport China, a professional airport construction industry fanfare organized by RX, has seen eight successful instalments in Beijing. The event presents a comprehensive picture of the hardware and software services involved throughout the process of building an airport, from planning to construction and to operation. It provides a premium platform for airports, airlines, research institutions, planners and designers, and construction units to learn the cutting-edge technologies home and abroad, explore practical application scenarios, engage with civil aviation suppliers, and exchange with industry peers. By participating in a range of high-quality online and offline activities at inter airport China, the participant can build up its brand image and enhance engagement with civil aviation industry colleagues. In addition, inter airport China as a networking tool for civil aviation colleagues, combines the resources from RX’s five airport and aviation events together and provides continuous technical consultancy to civil aviation players with a focus on global airport products and technologies. 
Event Contact
Title : Marketing Communications Name : Daisy Sun
Telephone : +86 021 2231 7212 Fax number : +86 021 2231 7212
E-mail :
Address : 42nd floor, intercontinental center, no. 100 yutong road, zhabei district, shanghai
City / State / Province : Beijing Country : China
Comment :
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