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China International Auto Inno Tech Week - 2021/6/27 - 2021/6/29
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2021/6/27 - 2021/6/29
Opening hours:
  09:00 - 17:00
  Shanghai New International Expo Centre
  2345 Longyang Road
  Info Convention and Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  Automotive Interiors & Exteriors
Intelligent Cockpit & Autopilot
Auto Meter & Display Technology
Automotive Touch & Sensor Technology
Automotive Seating
New Energy Auto Parts and Technology Equipment
Automotive Mould & 3D Printing
Automotive Lightweight
Automotive Adhesion Material & Sealing Technology
Automobile Lamp Technology
Although China's automobile industry has now made significant development, there is still a huge space for development. By accelerating the development of our weak links in the industrial chain and industrial integration, and pushing the development of automobile industry's value chain to the middle and high end, our self-owned brand automobiles will be able to achieve sustainable and healthy development. In addition, by strengthening our awareness of integrating into the ecosystem, giving play to our traditional advantages, and using new technologies and new models to achieve transformation and development, automobile enter-prises in China can seize the initiative in the process of industrial chain restructur-
In the past 71 years, China has created one miracle of development after another, and become the world's largest industrial manufacturing country. Auto Inno Tech Week 2021 will continue to take "Manufacturing Power" as its mission, and lead enterprises, well-known experts, scholars and government departments at home and abroad in automobile innovation technology products, core components, automobile manufacturing technology and equipment, hardware and software suppliers, future travel, new energy automobile technology and other core auto-mobile sectors, for the purpose of working together to break industrial barriers, open enterprise walls, promote the cross-integration of automobile industry chain, promote exchanges, cooperation and integrated innovation between the automo-bile industry and other related industries such as software industry, material industry and new energy industry, promote collaborative innovation between vehi-cle enterprises and parts enterprises, and build a safe and controllable industrial chain system, so as to shape the future of China with more innovation, and deliver the Dream of China to the world!
Event Contact
Title : Marketing Department Manager Name : Therese Tong
Telephone : 86-18321659601 Fax number : 86-21-51062285
E-mail :
Address : 2345 Longyang Road
City / State / Province : Shanghai Country : China
Comment :
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