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EDME Expo Shanghai 2020-External Wall Decoration Material and Bonding Technology Exhibition - 2020/12/9 - 2020/12/11
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2020/12/9 - 2020/12/11
Opening hours:
  8am - 5pm
  Shanghai New International Expo Centre
  2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
  Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  New external wall decoration materials: clay board, ceramic sheet, exterior wall dry hanging board, fiber cement hanging board, curtain wall decoration board, exterior wall brick, dry hanging brick, PVC/ wood-plastic exterior wall hanging board, silica rock exterior wall, GRC exterior wall, diatomite and so on
Metal plate: aluminum plastic (single) plate, aluminum alloy decorative plate, aluminum zinc plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, titanium and zinc decorative plate, copper decorative plate, copper plastic plate, metal composite insulation plate, etc.
Color steel decorative plate: stainless steel decorative plate, magnesium aluminum decorative plate, magnesium aluminum curved plate;
External wall coating: exterior wall true stone paint, exterior wall latex paint, exterior wall cement paint, exterior insulation coating, fluorocarbon coating, thermal reflection coating, spraying equipment, etc.;
External wall stone: archaize brick, cultural and artistic stone, various kinds of granite, marble, Mosaic, external wall tile, glazed tile, polished tile, SLATE, artificial stone products and landscape stone; Stone processing machinery equipment and tools, stone maintenance products;
Thermal insulation decoration integration: fire insulation decoration board, phenolic board, thermal insulation decoration integration board, marble, imitation stone insulation board;
Construction adhesives: dry hanging adhesives, marble adhesives, ceramic tile adhesives, cement-based/epoxy adhesives, ceramic tile adhesives, sealants, structural adhesives, caulking agents, etc.
External wall dry hanging technology: wall bolts, anchor bolt series, embedded parts, connectors, stainless steel pendants, accessories dry hanging method, etc.;
Focus on the facade of the building: Exchange, share and seek common development
The facade of the building, as the surface of the building, is the main element of the urban space landscape. It gives the entire building a sense of beauty, temperament and personality, temperament and personality, sublimates the architectural value, inherits the historical style of the city, and displays the important role of the city culture.
With the development of the construction industry and the promotion of green environmental protection today, the building facade is also developing towards a better direction, bringing great benefits to the urban environment and human settlements. The design of the facade and the use of corresponding materials not only reflect the beauty of the building, but also differentiate it. It also integrates the practicality of the exterior and the inner soul to bring out the overall temperament of the building, thereby further sublimating the value and height of the building.
The 16th EDME Expo Shanghai is committed to building a communication, learning and trading platform for external wall decorative materials, equipment and related products and technology, to assist exhibitors at home and abroad fully display their products, technology and company image, and to facilitate trade exchanges and negotiations with prospective purchasers around the world. By building a communication bridge between materials companies and design giants, brand engineering, and technical experts, we continue to integrate the external wall decoration and bonding technology industry chain to create greater value for customers and promote the development of the industry. Welcome the external wall decoration and bonding technology related companies participate in The 16th EDME Expo Shanghai!
Event Contact
Title : marketing specialist Name : Nicole Shen
Telephone : (86)21 5109 0835 Fax number : (86)21-51714505
E-mail :
Address : Room 1505, Mingshen Business Plaza, No.400 Caobao Rd., Shanghai
City / State / Province : Shanghai Country : China
Comment :
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