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Flexible aquaculture fish Farming Tanks - 2019/7/30 - 2020/7/31
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  2019/7/30 - 2020/7/31
Opening hours:
  0 - 0
  1A Tianan Cyber Park
  Chongqing Mola Technology Co., Ltd
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Major exhibits:
  Flexible fish farming tank for biofloc, fish farming, RAS
MOLA Technology Co., Ltd Established in 2013, registers in Chongqing City, having branch in Shanghai and Shandong province, we are specialized in all kinds of flexible water, fish tank, and fuel bladders, integrating development and production together.

MOLA has exported its water tanks to south-east Asia, Africa, USA, EU, etc, and has established business relationships with some international organizations, like WaterPlex, Pronal, JW Auto Marine and other SNV.

MOLA as a supplier of government projects in China, Mali, South Africa, Costa Rica, South Korea, Indonesia, etc. The water tanks solve local drought problems; fish tanks provide the indoor and outdoor farming system; helping energy conservation, reducing carbon emission, and improving rural living conditions.

Our greatest asset is our human resource, a vibrant, skilled and cohesive team which has given us a competitive edge.
Event Contact
Title : Directory Manager Name : SAMMI YANG
Telephone : +8613677676768 Fax number : 8602368917388
E-mail :
Address : 1A Tianan Cyber Park
City / State / Province : CHONGQING Country : China
Comment :
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