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RT Imaging Summit & Expo-EMEA 2018 - 2018/3/22 - 2018/3/23
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2018/3/22 - 2018/3/23
Opening hours:
  11:00 - 20:00
  InterContinental Hotel Citystars Cairo, Egypt
  Cairo Citystars, PO Box 1026 Cairo, Egypt
  Recycling Times Media Corporation
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  1. Ribbons, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges;
2. Components including inks, toners, chips, opc, magnetic rollers, doctor blades;
3. Production and testing equipment;
4. Inkjet papers, copier papers, thermal transfer papers & other specialty papers;
5. Printer & copier parts, components and services like technology, information, software, IT systems, training, and media related to printer consumables industry.
RT Imaging Summit & Expo-EMEA is organized to help non-African companies to know more about the EMEA markets, and to assist those companies gain a profile and find new business opportunities in the region. The show is provided to the exhibitors already in, or wanting to enter the print consumables market, to network, exchange and find solutions. Also, attendees could acquire information from experts on latest technology, market, channel, legal aspects regarding EMEA markets to facilitate their entering these markets through the summit and expo.
Event Contact
Title : Marketing Executive Name : Jessica Yin
Telephone : +86 756 3959289 Fax number : 86 756 3959299
E-mail :
Address : Level 4, Building 1, Kimka Creative Valley, 2021 Mingzhu Road South
City / State / Province : Zhuhai, Guangdong Province Country : China
Comment :
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