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Save the Planet - Waste Management & Recycling Exhibition and Conference - 2018/3/27 - 2018/3/29
Fast Facts
Show Preview
  2018/3/27 - 2018/3/29
Opening hours:
  10:00 - 17:30
  Inter Expo Center
  22 Pobeda Str.
  Via Expo Ltd.
Show URL:
Number of Exhibitors :
Major exhibits:
  Waste management
Waste collection
Transport vehicles and technologies
Waste treatment equipment
Medical waste treatment and disposal
Thermal treatment - by direct combustion
Plants for recycling

The Save the Planet exhibition showcases local and foreign companies, who offer products and solutions for waste collection, treatment and utilization. A conference on the same topics will take place parallel to the exhibition. The event is open to representatives of municipalities and government administration, ecologists, investors, managers of companies from the sectors recycling, waste management, agriculture, food and packaging, etc.

The program for the parallel conference will become available on the event website by the end of the year.
Event Contact
Title : Exhibitor organizer Name : Ginka Dimitrova
Telephone : 0035932512906 Fax number : 0035932966813
E-mail :
Address : 22 Pobeda Str.
City / State / Province : Plovdiv Country : Bulgaria
Comment :
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