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The 45th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts
| Exhibition Introduced

To help build a “dual circulation” development pattern that promotes domestic and international markets, to build a one-stop sourcing platform for home furnishings and gifts, and to strengthen the industry’s momentum, the 45th Jinhan Fair for Home and Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) will follow the trend, step by step, through the online form.It will vigorously promote the inter-linkage between enterprises and the market to embrancemore business opportunities.

The “Online Exhibition” has the outstanding advantage of linking global buyers with low costs and high efficiency without the limitations of time and space. By optimizing digital marketing and promotion channels, it will attract more overseas professional buyers, so as to dig deeper into the international market resources and open up new business channels. More than 300,000 new products will be presented online in the forms of pictures, videos, VR, etc., and exhibitors will enjoy an immersive exhibiting experience through “cloud showcase,” “cloud interfacing,” and “cloud negotiations.” International exchanges and cooperation can be carried out on the cloud.
Online Exhibition: April 11-29, 2022 (3 phases)

| Exhibition highlights

 Gather high-quality suppliers and meet demand

As China's professional home furnishing gifts export trade platform, JINHAN FAIR will give full play to its platform advantages, linkage of multiple resources, combined with the current foreign trade new trends, new links, gather 700+ well-known Chinese brand suppliers, manufacturers, show home furnishing products and gifts industry trend, We provide home decorations, outdoor gardening accessories, seasonal products, decorative furniture and other products to meet buyers' diverse procurement needs, help buyers select high-quality suppliers and improve procurement efficiency.

 Assist the Cloud docking and sophisticated services

From pre-exhibition to exhibition, the matching service of JINHAN FAIR is always committed to establishing accurate and efficient connections between buyers and exhibitors. During the exhibition, JINHAN FAIR will further explore the online exhibition's display and docking and negotiation functions to facilitate video dialogue between buyers and enterprises. Buyers can conduct "one-to-one" precise video negotiation with prospective enterprises to obtain more accurate and effective exhibition experience. The exhibition will also hold online special purchase matchmaking for different product categories, and provide live "Cloud Exhibition" service, to create a high-quality global cloud trade event.

| Exhibits Range

■ Home accessories series: lamps; Photo frames, posters and prints; Contemporary art; Interior decoration;
■ Decorative furniture series: living room furniture; Dining room furniture; Bedroom furniture;
■ Outdoor gardening series: outdoor furniture; Gardening accessories; Outdoor supplies;
■ Home textile series: home textiles; Baskets and knitwear;
Kitchen products series: ceramic products; Glass products; Metal ware; Other material products;
■ Seasonal decoration series: decorative flowers and plants; Festival decorations; Christmas decorations; Seasonal decoration; Decorative accessories;
Aromatherapy and personal care series: indoor aromatherapy; Personal care;
■ Souvenir and gift series: paper products; Souvenirs; Smoker's appliances;
■ Toys and Stationery series: Toys and children's products; Stationery;

| Contact
Contact person: Miss Jane
Tel: +86 (0) 20 8989 9633
Email address:


Contact : Zhang


Country : China

Telephone : 86 (0)20 8989 9111

Email :

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