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Supply Online Power Transformer Oil Filtration Machine,Dielectric Oil Purification System Plant
Please contact:ASSEN Whatsapp:+86-15223801122

Transformer Oil Purifier Machines

A power transformer is most costly and essential equipment of an electrical transformer. So for getting high performance and long functional life of the transformer, it is desired to perform various maintenance activities. Transformer oil tends to deteriorate with time and gradually begins to decaying, In addition to these reasons, the presence of high temperatures, oxygen and water, the catalysis of the materials present in the transformer; all combined to cause deterioration of the oil condition. Such processes also tend to release certain by products that are highly acidic-finally resulting in high deterioration of the oils and ultimately the transformers.

ASSEN ZYD Transformer Oil Purifier is portable maintenance equipment, it is a process the reduces, or in fact, eliminates all the physical contaminants from oils by means of physical processes such as oil filtration, de-humidification, and degasification. ZYD transformer oil purification process effectively removes all those particles that are larger than 1 micron as well as most of the dissolved water and gases in the oil. Enhance the value of breakdown voltage over 75-85KV.

ZYD Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Operations
1.Remove impurities like dirt, moisture, air and other gases from mineral based silicon and synthetic oils
2.Onsite operation, the plant can be towed with tractor or jeep
3.Filtering and dehydrating Transformer Oil
4.Improve dielectric strength as per IEC standard
5.All types of electrical insulating oils
6.Custom-built plants can be provided as per customer’s specific requirement,like explosion-proof type,flow control type,plc full automatically type.etc.

Aftre treatment, oil quality guarantees to the following specifications
Moisture PPM ≤3
Gas content % ≤0.01
Impurity size μ ≤1 (no free carbon)
Breakdown voltage kV ≥75
IFT dynes/cm ≥40
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.03
Dielectric loss factors tgδ(90°C) ≤0.001

1. ZYD machine is equipped with two-stage vacuum pumping speed and advanced dewatering and degassing system. It adopts large-area three-dimensional flashing technology to remove harmful components such as moisture, impurities and hydrocarbons in oil quickly and efficiently, and improve the flash point and dielectric strength of insulating oil.
2. The ZYD equipment is capable of oiling and vacuuming the transformer body during installation or overhaul.
3. ZYD is equipped with a high precise filtration system, which uses high-quality filter elements and multi-stage filtration step-by-step encryption to effectively remove mechanical impurities in the oil and configure automatic detection of filter contamination.
4. ZYD machine is equipped advanced automatic thermostat control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic defoaming control system, and automatic pressure protection system to ensure high performance operation of the equipment.
5. ZYD machine is user-friendly, low noise, easy to operate, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and low operating cost.
6. ZYD machine is equipped with interlocking safety protection system, which is connect with oil discharge system, vacuum dehydration system, and heating system to avoid the adverse effects caused by misoperation.

Please contact us for more details.


Contact : Assen

Company : Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co.,Ltd

Country : China

Telephone : +8615223801122

Email :

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