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Morocco SIEMA Expo 2019
Morocco SIEMA –Meeting Point of Food Industry Professionals
International Food, Processing, Packaging and Machinery Exhibition organized by Elan Expo
Office des Foires et Expositions Casablanca, Morocco, December 06-08, 2019

Join us in Morocco, the 6th strongest economy in the MENA region, North African country just 15km away from Europe. Morocco prides itself on quality of its agricultural goods such as wheat, sugar beet, oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, olive oil and fish, but depends on imported machinery in the fields of product line expansion and packaging innovation. Moroccan multilingual environment, stable political situation, tax free agreements and unbreakable bonds with international markets have put this country in the spotlight in recent years making it perfect host country for SIEMA Expo.
Morocco SIEMA is Elan Expo’s food, processing, packaging and machinery exhibition in the international market. SIEMA recorded significant growth in the Moroccan market and expansion of the international exhibitor scope. Morocco SIEMA Expo 2018 hosted large number of visitors and participants with a wide-ranging product line that included food processing machines, food packaging machines, refrigeration technology products, food industries equipment, milling machinery, agricultural tractors, products and equipment, glass products and more. The exhibition received loads of positive feedback from the exhibitors.
In the successful 2018 edition, 187 companies from 16 countries participated in the exhibition. Companies from Germany, Austria, China, Morocco, India, Italy, Egypt, Lebanon, Netherlands, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, U.A.E., USA and Turkey presented their work to 6400 professional visitors. We hosted 460 B2B meetings and specialized events such as live demonstrations, conferences and workshops with a well-organized marketing campaign. During the marketing campaign, we sent 112 thousand invitations, 180 thousand e-mails, 120 thousand SMSs, and published 55 outdoor advertisements, 72 website advertisements and 18 newspaper advertisements. Our events were also successfully promoted via social media.
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Elan Expo was founded in 1997 and now manages over 30 market-leading B2B events in up to 9 countries each year. Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, it is currently active in Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, and Algeria.


Contact : Elif Ay

Company : Elan Expo

Country : Turkey

Telephone : +902122731818

Email :

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