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Hong Kong Bank Account Opening
If you have a Hong Kong company, would you like to open local or offshore company bank account ?

1. Local and offshore accounts:
For companies, local accounts refer to accounts opened by Hong Kong companies in local banks in Hong Kong;
offshore accounts refer to accounts opened by Hong Kong companies at banks outside Hong Kong. For example, open Hong Kong companies’ accounts in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Malaysia etc. This situation called an offshore account.

2. Type of bank opening:
Opening accounts usually include:
foreign currency savings account (including all common foreign currency)
Hong Kong dollar checking account.

3. All directors go directly to Hong Kong to open an account:
Hong Kong banks require more than two-thirds of the company's directors, and shareholders with a share ratio of more than 9% (preferably all directors and shareholders) must go to the bank to open an account in person.

4. Information required to open a company bank account:
Original copy of the identity document of the director (identity certificate, Hong Kong and Macau Pass or passport, business card)
Original Certificate of Incorporation
Original Business Registration Certificate
Original articles of Association
Company Signature Seal
Registration of statutory documents (if submitted with a renaming and replenishment document)
Proof of director's living address (receipt of water and electricity, telephone bills, etc. in the past three months)
Business proof

5.Time required to open an account:
The signing of bank documents can usually be completed within an hour. Then waiting for 1-2 month,the bank account open successfully. And before go to the bank, please send all the documents required to us to check firstly.

6. Note after opening an account:
Keep monthly bank statements and water bills, company expenditure bills for back-up use;

If you want to open a private account, you need to bring with your original ID card or passport, living address certificate.

While your company change shareholders or change company name or increase registered capital, etc, must submit the conference records and the documents signed by the accountants to the bank. (if there is a signature keep in the bank, the signature after the change of company names will also be submitted to the bank). Companies with more than one year must submit annual reports, minutes of meetings, and documents signed by accountants to the bank.

Open company bank account or persional account ? please contact us Timely.


Contact : Cora Yeung

Company : Timely limited

Country : China

Telephone : 86-020-83652006

Email :

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