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Julang Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition Make an appointment to see you in guangzhou on June13-15,2019
Julang Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition Make an appointment to see you in guangzhou on June13-15,2019

2019China(Guangzhou) Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition

The exhibition profile
Organized by Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., LTD., and known as the "barometer" of the world metal and metallurgy industry, the 20th guangzhou international exhibition of metal and metallurgy industry will be held on June 13-15, 2019 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex of the largest exhibition hall in Asia. After 20 years of hard work, this metals fair will continue to maintain its leading position as Asia's largest metals fair with its Strong landing of exhibitors and a high-end platform bringing together the latest products and cutting-edge technologies.
Advance with The Times to build industry exhibition
In fact, guangzhou metal&metallurgy exhibition exhibits by raw materials, processing technology equipment, products.Due to its large scale, strong professionalism and the interdependence of exhibitors' products, it has formed a complete industrial chain, played a huge industrial chain effect, and made numerous fruitful transactions.

According to the statistics show that guangzhou metal &metallurgy exhibition has been held 19, from Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt, India, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain, South Korea, Japan and so on in 35 countries and regions of manufacturers,the influence of Asia's most!
Exhibition scale is expected to increase by 30%
This exhibition has been highly recognized by many enterprises, the overall exhibition, visit the momentum of development.Among them, although there are still more than 80 days to go, the 1200 booths in the target plan have been fully booked 90%, and the later stage is mainly to adjust the booths reasonably.It is estimated that the scale of this exhibition will reach 30,000 square meters.
exhibition highlights
As of March 18, 468 foreign audience online pre-registration, from India, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand, the United States, Britain, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan...... and so on more than 30 countries.
Guangzhou Julang exhibition company has issued 300,000 copies to target customers through its purchaser development department, and this information has been published on more than 300 professional official websites and media in more than 20 countries.

Exhibiting Scope
1.Plate metal, Bar, Wire, Steel Rope , Metal Processing and Setting Equipment
2.Tube &Pipe Industry
3.Stainless Steel Industry
4.Casting Products
5.Die casting, Foundry, Heat Treatment and Industrial Furnace
6.Fasteners, Spring & Equipment
7.Sheetmetal, Forging, Stamping & Setting Equipment
8.Non-ferrous metals(copper Industry)
Schedule and Venue
Show dates: 13-15 June 2019

Opening hours: June 13 (9:30---16:30)
June 14 (9:15---16:30)
June 15 (9:15---13:00)

Venue: Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex
(No.980, Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China)

Add: Suite 3A04-3A06,Building A1, Galaxy City, Huaming Rd 29,Pearl River New City, Tianhe, Guangzhou, 510623, China
Tel: 0086-20-38620790 Fax: 0086-20-38620781
Contact: MeiWen 0086-18002266711


Contact : Meiwen

Company : Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Co.,ltd

Country : China

Telephone : 0086-18002266711

Email :

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