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IMPACT and Farm Channel to hold ‘Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014’
As a preview to the big event, they are also hosting the Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 Industry Forum. It will provide attendees with important information and knowledge to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the show. The topic of the forum is ‘Guidelines for value-added agricultural products. Export market for the AEC.’ There will also be a panel discussion on ‘Thailand’s Agricultural Challenges in AEC’.

This year, its first, Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 is focused on agricultural processing products and it will give new-generation farmers the opportunity to learn about new processing techniques and methods. With more than 200 companies from Thailand and overseas and over 10,000 visitors expected to attend the exhibition, it is the annual agricultural industry gathering that is not to be missed.

IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Farm Channel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to sign the MoU to hold Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 and offer solutions for Thailand and the ASEAN agricultural industry. According to experts, technology is a key driver for the agricultural industry that reduces costs whilst increasing both productivity and quality. Thus, Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 is the perfect platform to meet the growing needs of your business, keeping you at the forefront of the market and ahead of your competitors. With the highly competitive and diversified nature of the industry, Thailand Agriculture Expo 2014 will give you access to up-to-date information on the latest market trends, industry standards and advances in technology. The event is scheduled for 29-31 August 2014 at Halls 7–8 of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Even though Thailand has an abundance of quality agricultural resources, it is not the leader in the processed agricultural products market. According to industry statistics from January to October 2013, Agricultural Exports were valued at 441,426.50 million Baht, representing a 27.01% decrease from the previous value of 560,658.30 million Baht in 2012. With next year’s AEC fast approaching, Thai farmers will have to improve not only their safety standards and laws, but also their technology in order to increase the quality of processed products. Experts believe that the competitiveness, creativity, and quality of Thai products and services must get better.

Ms. Pornphan Bulner, Assistant Director of Exhibition Project, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., as organizer of Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014, shared her thoughts and said that “IMPACT is very pleased to cooperate with Farm Channel (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to hold Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 with the support of the Office of the Royal Development Projects Board.

This event is a cooperative effort between government and private sectors to provide solutions for the agricultural industry. Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014 aims to be a platform for new-generation farmers to learn about agricultural technology and take it to the field. IMPACT has prepared an area of more than 750 sq.m. for showcasing the products of over 200 companies from around the world and the Southeast Asian region. More than 10,000 visitors will be attending the event to get updated on the latest technology and join the ‘Processed Agricultural Products’ seminars with industry professionals throughout the 3-day event."

Despite being threatened by the recent crisis, the agricultural industry has bounced back. There is now an opportunity to be had. We are bringing all the best processed agricultural products to our guests under one roof. In order to solve the problems concerning the oversupply of agricultural products and substandard prices, we are encouraging entrepreneurs to find solutions through processed agricultural products.

In addition to Thailand Agricultural Expo 2014, we will be running a concurrent agricultural event entitled ISRMAX Asia 2014. It will be the 3rd international exhibition & conference for the agricultural industry and it focuses on the entire value chain from pre to post-harvest of rice, sugar, maize, vegetables, fruit, floriculture and agricultural machinery. Both exhibitions will showcase the latest technological advances and innovations to ASEAN countries and take place 29-31 August 2014 at Halls 7–8 of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

News Source : IMPACT Thailand


Company : IMPACT Thailand

Country : Thailand

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