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Seeking the Roadmap in Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014
We are glad to inform you that Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2014 is taking place on May 14th-16th in Shanghai, China.

FBIF2014 addresses status quo and future trend of F&B industry, food safety management & technology innovation, business model innovation and product innovation. FBIF2014 brings together industrial leaders to probe into new business strategy and new product development and shape the future of F&B industry.

FBIF2014 acts as a platform to connect with Marketing Strategy with R&D , which are key to success of a brand, meanwhile, we firmly believe in that, Food Safety would be foundation of a brand’s evergreen.

If you’d like to benefit from in-depth analysis of new trend and real business opportunities of China food and beverage Industry, FBIF2014 is just the platform to be. This Forum, will gather over 300 Senior Decision Makers within the food and beverage industry who are looking to learn and network and do business with representatives just like you.

FBIF2014 Highlights:
- One-Day Technical Training +Two-Day Conference + Prepared Gala Dinner + Product showcases
- Interpreting the status quo and future trend of F&B Industry
- Seeking the innovation roadmap for food and beverage companies in China market.
- Enlisting latest technologies around the world of food and beverage.
- Analyzing of challenges and opportunities of food and beverage innovation.
- Networking With C-level managements from top food and beverage producers around the world

Calling For Advice:
FBIF2014 will be an integration of all innovative ideas of our participants. We are dedicating to make any of our events to be participant-driven events
The organizing committee welcomes any kind of suggestions on our Agenda and Activities during the forum. Any suggestions taken by organizing committee will enable your organization to enjoy 10% discount of registration. If not taken, you will receive a beautiful gift after the event. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Contact : Lily Li

Company : FBIF 2014

Country : China

Telephone : + 86 21 57679411

Email :

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