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Shenzhen Hengzhiyi is one of the leading supplier of pocket scale, balance, diamond tester, jewellery loupes and other jewellery tools, also power inverters. We have been providing our customers with the service and quality they come to expect We are able to provide: Favorable price * We wi ...

Main Products : pocket scale, balance, diamond tester, jewellery loupes, jewellery tools

Dikai Industrial Co. Ltd. Was established in 2004. At Dikai we specialize in Diamond and Jewelry tools and supplies, we work hard to supply our customers with the highest quality products and at the same time giving a competitive price. Our sales team is always here to help you and meet all your nee ...

Main Products : diamond tester,diamond selector,moissanite testers,jewelry loupe,diamond loupes,diamond cloths,diamond scales,spectrometer,diamond box,jewelry boxes,tweezers,Measuring Gauges,gemological instruments.

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