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Our company was established in 1992, far more than twenty years. We are specialized in product design and manufacturing of industrial electric machinery, motor soft-start on the controller and SCR power regulator, we are the first brand of professional manufacturer in Taiwan, working on a number of patents, so that customers in the selection of products at the same time, more choice to meet market demand.

  • Main Products :
    Soft Starters, Thyristor Power Regulator, Regulator, SSR, Three Phase Thyristor Power Regulator, Soft Starter Controller, Automatic Power Factor Regulator, Three Phase Solid State Relay, Solid State Relay, SCR Power Regulator, Three Phase Power Regulator
  • Country/Region : Taiwan
  • Web Site : www.jaki.com.tw

Featured Products

Single Phase - Soft Start / Stop

1. The products have passed CE international safety certification. 2. Start time according to dif ... (more)

Single Phase Thyristor Power Regulator - Hyperfunction

1. SCR power regulator protection function: (a) Phase failure protection(Switching on input). (2) fu ... (more)

Three Phase - Inductive load (for transformers and non-resistive load)

1. This controller protector: 1.The input main power loses the one phase. 2. The fuse break and chec ... (more)

Disconnection detector controller.

"Disconnection inspect and notification controller" provides equipment, all time they can check whet ... (more)

DC Control

1. Can supersede the frequency converter or magnetic switches do forward / reverse control. 2. No ... (more)

Zero crossing turn-on, AC to AC

1. Supersede the single-phase SSR's cooling effect, dielectric withstanding voltage and current insu ... (more)

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