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VERTEX MACHINERY WORKS CO. ,Ltd is the BIGGEST and one of the leading machine tool accessories manufacturer in Taiwan. T A I W A N, V I S E,TW,VERTEX,v e r t e x,t w,v i s e,t a i w a n, VERTEX MACHINERY WORKS CO., LTD established in 1978.

VERTEX specialize in manufacturing accessories for milling & grinding & lathe machine & machine center.
VERTEX HAS10,000 m2 FACTORY LOCATED INSIDE FENG-YUAN CITY,TAIWAN. Regarding TO VERTEX market sales, 70% is foreign and 30% is domestic. According to TAITRA, Taiwan trade promotion organization,
Vertex is the largest machine tool accessories exporter in Taiwan. Vertex spirit is accurate & quick & responsibility & serviceable. VERTEX team are always researching and developing new products & innovate designs to meet the market trends,
VERTEX also pay attention to sufficient stock to make shortly delivery and supply high quality products. Give customers more confidence and satisfaction. We are not only a manufacturer but also a reliable business partner.
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BEST TAIWAN Milling machine accessories: machinery, MC power vise,industrial vise,clamping kit,rotary table,dividing head,hydraulic vise, precision pneumatic,mechanical vise, indexer,Angle,lock,fixed power vice,modular machine free vise,power feed,milling product

Grinding machine accessories: magnetic chuck, punch former, EDM wire,EDM vise,wheel dresser,demagnetizer, granite surface plate,TOOL MAKER vise,EDM vise,grinding productProduct,vise, hydraulic vertex,best hydraulic,Taiwan hydraulic, collets set, collet chuck, BT,SK,HSK,vise,MChydraulicpower vise,industrial vise,hydraulic,clamping kit,vise,rotaryhydraulictable,vise,dividing headhydraulic, tool holder,spindle,shank,hydraulic visehydraulic,precisionhydraulic,drill,oil feed,milling chuck,pneumatic

Tooling system: ER collets set, collet chuck, BT,SK,HSK,tool holder,spindle,shank, drill,oil feed,milling chuck holder,boring head set,bar,tool,arm air tapping unit,quick change tapping collet,tooling carrage,rackProduct,vise, hydraulicvertex,besthydraulic,Taiwanhydraulic, collets set, collet chuck,BT,SK,HSK,vise,MChydraulicpower vise,industrial vise,hydraulic,clamping kit,vise, tool holder,spindle,shank,hydraulic visehydraulic,precisionhydraulic,drill,oil feed,milling

Machining center accessories: NC rotary table, tail stock, machine vice, base plate, angle plate, oil mist cleaner,cnc nc machine tool hydraulictable,vise,dividing headhydraulic, tool holder,spindle,shank,hydraulic visehydraulic,precisionhydraulic,drill,oil feed,milling chuck,pneumatichydraulic,vise,mechanical visehydraulic,

Lathe accessories: live center, 3/4 jaw chuck,soft jaw, hard jaw,VDI holder,lathe,mill hydraulic, tool holder,spindle,shank,hydraulic vise hydraulic,precision hydraulic,drill,oil feed,milling chuck,pneumatic hydraulic,vise,mechanical vise hydraulic,machine vise,hydraulic vise Product,vise, hydraulic vertex,best hydraulic,Taiwan hydraulic,collet chuck,

Precision Small type machine: precision End mill grinder/drill grinder,SWING ARM TAPPING MACHINE

VERTEX MACHINERY WORKS CO. ,LTD.  Copyright ?2006-2007
TEL : 886 - 4 - 25238742 / 25237596 / 25237621~22 
FAX : 886 - 4 - 25234823 / 25205905
http :

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,TW,VERTEX,T A I W A N, V I S E,v e r t e x,t w,v i s e,t a i w a n,
Main Products:
  VERTEX's manufacturing accessories for milling & grinding & lathe machine & machine center,clamping kit,rotary table,dividing head,hydraulic vise, tooling,collet,tapping arm machine,live center,3/4 jaw chuck,soft/hard jaw,drill,end mill grinder.
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Contact Person:
  CHRIS Huang
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